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International Firekeeper Training - Serving Leadership

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This training, which trains you to become a Firekeeper, helps you develop an authority, in which your actions stand as an example for servant leadership. A servant leader acts out and with love. He or she knows the power of humility and is unselfish. The servant leader acts with a vision and with confidence. His or her actions serve another, a group or a greater Something. His contribution not only strengthens himself, but especially the other and others.

This training focuses on your development as a firekeeper.

You learn about ...

  • Natural firing techniques for starting the fire.
  • Alignment, leadership and collaboration.
  • Sweat Lodge: Construction and Meaning.
  • Run by fire: How to guard against the fire?
  • Ceremonial Protocols: How to Move in Ceremony? How to deal with elsewhere?
  • Stone ceremonies.
  • Fire and safety.

Each participant is given sufficient practice opportunities to master the techniques and skills of keeping the fire. Ceremonial skills are widely discussed during the training blocks.

The total training consists of 8 sessions of 2 or 3 days. These 8 meetings form 2 cycles spread over 2 years.

The first cycle will offer the knowledge, techniques and skills. The second cycle repeats, deepens and broadens the first cycle: other teachings are shared, new techniques and other constructions.

In the second cycle, you as a leader will receive more attention. Every student can start doing an internship during the first cycle. He / she does this with ceremony leaders where he / she tends the fire. We expect the student to keep at least 8 fires during his internship. After completing an internship, the student can "go for initiation". This initiation to firekeeper always takes place in the last weekend of the 2nd cycle of the training.


Module 1/5 1-2 October 2021 (9.30am-5pm)

Module 2/6 2-3-4 December 2021 (7-3pm)

Module 3/7 April 1-2, 2022 (9.30am-3pm)

Module 4/8 20-22 May 2022 (7 pm - 3 pm)

Registration is necessary. Program Residential outdoor training. Catering and overnight accommodation provided. Download the brochure for all info.

Training costs

€ 475 (excl. VAT) or € 574.75 (incl. VAT) /

cycle Catering costs

€ 300 (incl. VAT) / cycle.

Overnight stay is free.


You will receive an informative letter after registration.


We can categorize all education and training as "corona-proof" or "corona-resistant". Training courses that are corona-proof will continue subject to strict safety measures. Corona-resistant means that we strive to ensure that training can always take place, even if we go into lockdown again. This workshop is corona-proof. You will spend the night in tents (please provide your own) and catering will be available. The training can be canceled only in case of a new lockdown, because the content is not transferable via live e-learning. Should this occur, the registration fee paid for the classes that cannot take place will be refunded. You can read the concrete Covid-19 measures that will be taken here:

Niek Ghekiere


Niek Ghekiere

+32 498 52 95 52

As a creative therapist, Niek Ghekiere is a recognized dance and movement therapist and holds a Master in Dance Movement Therapy (MaDMTh). The training he followed as a neo-Reichian therapist supports and sharpens him in guiding people and groups. He has a private practice, where he provides individual and group therapy and is director of the therapy and training center AgapeBelgium. He is the former chair of the dance and movement therapy department and conducts research into body-oriented therapies and the experience of spirituality.

When: 1 October 2021 to 22 May 2022
Amount of lessons: 10 courses
Where: AgapeBelgium
VAT excl.

Door de Fire keeper training ben ik me bewust geworden van wat 'in verbinding gaan' wil zeggen en mijn persoonlijke obstakels hiermee. De training geeft me meer vertrouwen in mezelf en mijn levenspad.

Rebecca Lenaerts, 40j, kunstenaar

Deze opleiding verweeft heel overzichtelijk de menselijke psyche in deze hedendaagse tijd met authentieke sjamanistische principes.

Karla Hulpiau

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