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The sweatlodge we offer is rooted in the traditional sweatlodges of North America (Lakota).

"The Lakota have a name for the sweatlodge: INIPI, which means: "strenghtening your life energy by means of the stones".

Inside a low lodge of willow branches, covered with blankets - the womb of the earth-  finds a  cleansing place. A cleansing for the body, mind and soul. By singing and "praying" in the dark, while being comforted by the steam of water poured over red-hot stones, we make contact with the elements: earth, water, fire and air and with our our soul.

Out of respect for traditional Indian cultures, we use some of their rituals to recreate our own Western European tradition of purification. The sweat lodge ceremony thoroughly cleans from the inside and opens your heart. It is a purification and healing ceremony for both women and men.

Dirk Ghekiere


Dirk Ghekiere

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